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SubjectRe: [RFC] Bug zapper? :)
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V13 wrote:
| On Monday 09 August 2004 23:07, John Richard Moser wrote:
|>What I found interesting was that it described bugs as
|>pseudo-quantitative based on the KLOC (thousands of lines of code) for a
|>code body. The basic theory boils down to 5-50 bugs per 1000 LOC,
|>approaching 5 for QA audited code. Thus, 10000 LOC executable, 50 bugs.
| I believe that you should not believe such things. They are just
| and nothing more.

Statistics are as a whole, not as a part. This makes statistics a
powerful art.

| If you have a 1000 lines project and:
| a) Remove all empty lines means that you remove bugs?
| b) Split it to 5 libraries and 5 utilities (10 projects) means that
| have less bugs?
| c) ....
| I don't take generalizations like this seriously and I believe that noone
| should do. It may be true that 10.000 lines of code contain 50 bugs as an
| average of all the code that has be written so far but it doesn't mean
| a) 50 bugs require 10.000 lines
| b) 50 bugs will always exist on 10.000 lines
| c) All the projects out there have the same number of bugs/line

No, but it means in a sample of one hundred and twenty eight billion
lines, there will be approximately fifty bugs per 10000 lines of code.

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