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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86 bitops.h commentary on instruction reordering
Alan Cox wrote:

> On Llu, 2004-08-09 at 21:12, Vladislav Bolkhovitin wrote:
>>Well, Marcelo, sorry if I'm getting too annoying, but we had a race with
>>cache coherency during SCST (SCSI target mid-level) development. We
>>discovered that on P4 Xeon after atomic_set() there is very small
>>window, when atomic_read() on another CPUs returns the old value. We had
>>to rewrite the code without using atomic_set(). Isn't it cache coherency
> atomic_set/atomic_read are _atomic_ operations. Nothing is said about
> ordering. You get old or new but not half and half. Two atomic_inc's
> will both occur and so on.
> If you want ordering you need locks otherwise there is nothing defining
> the time order of both processors.
> How can you even measure such a window without locking to know what the
> state of the processors is ?

We didn't measure it, we just had lockup. In our code in the commands
serialization we have two paths: the regular (fast) one, where the
atomic value is equal to current value and there are no locks used,
because only one command can be on the fast path, and the slow one,
where the atomic and the current values are different, so lock used to
perform all necessary job. After the fast path the atomic value gets
incremented together with some checks on it. We used to use atomic_set()
here and sometimes had lockup.

>>And, BTW, returning to the original topic, would it be better to make
>>set_bit() and friends guarantee not to be reordered on all
>>architectures, instead of just add the comment. Otherwise, what is the
> x86 and some other platforms have certain ordering guarantees. set_bit
> doesn't guarantee them but it happens to unavoidably work for most
> (ab)uses.

So, seems there is no difference between operations with and without
"__" prefix (like set_bit() and __set_bit()) now? Maybe, it's worth to
leave only one version of them?

>>right thing? In some places in SCST we heavy rely on non-ordering
> Then you will get burned on most hardware.

Designing that we also be guided by the comments, which turned out to be
misleading :).

Actually, I feel it would be perfect if someone wrote a document, where
he described various issues with using atomic variables and bit
operations on various architectures, like some FAQ. For example, this
thread has at least several good questions and answers. Also, I can add
one more question: for an user it could be non-obvious why
smp_mb__after_atomic_*() and friends needed. This document wouldn't be
big, so it didn't take too much time to write it, but it would help a
*lot* for people who wish to write portable code.


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