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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86 bitops.h commentary on instruction reordering
Marcelo Tosatti wrote:
> Vladislav,
> There is no cache coherency issues on x86, it handles the cache coherency
> on hardware.

Well, Marcelo, sorry if I'm getting too annoying, but we had a race with
cache coherency during SCST (SCSI target mid-level) development. We
discovered that on P4 Xeon after atomic_set() there is very small
window, when atomic_read() on another CPUs returns the old value. We had
to rewrite the code without using atomic_set(). Isn't it cache coherency

And, BTW, returning to the original topic, would it be better to make
set_bit() and friends guarantee not to be reordered on all
architectures, instead of just add the comment. Otherwise, what is the
difference with versions with `__` prefix (__set_bit(), for example)?
Just adding the comments will lead to creating different functions with
gurantees by everyone who need it in all over the kernel. Is it the
right thing? In some places in SCST we heavy rely on non-ordering

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