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SubjectRe: Future devfs plans (sorry for previous incomplete message)
On Mon, Jul 26, 2004 at 10:37:41AM -0700, you [Adam J. Richter] wrote:
> 3. hardware that is incidentally plugged in, but which might not
> be used in the current session from boot to shutdown. With the
> increasing popularity of USB and firewire, a user might have a
> "webcam", a still digital camera, a digital video converter, a
> flash reader, a printer, a scanner and an external disk that
> happen attached to the computer's USB network, with the user
> having no intention of using any of them during the current
> session from boot to shutdown. This way, the cost of leaving
> some things plugged in for convenience is reduced.

Not only memory, but stability, too. Not all the most exotic USB drivers
etc. are stellar wrt. their stability. If the driver is not loaded unless
the device is used (as opposed to boot-time), it can make the system behave
more stable.

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