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Subject[HELP] Tracking down a MD bug

I've been running benchmarks on a ~2TB software RAID array of varying
configurations using SuSE Linux 9.1's kernel 2.6.4-52-smp. I noticed that
while resyncing a newly created RAID 5 array the kernel would just hang
a few seconds after starting.

I compiled 2.6.7-mm1 just now and the RAID array is busy resyncing, and
still alive, right now.

Are there any MD code changes that could have caused this so I can point
SuSE somewhere? (Well, then again, many SuSE folks are on this list anyway...)

This is on the x86_64 architecture, highmem + SMP + SATA RAID adapter
(although I'm not using it in hardware mode.) I'll provide config/dmesg
from the old kernel on request.


Joshua Kwan

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