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SubjectRaid issues on Sil 3114 (MB: Abit MAX3, i875 )


My Problem:

I'm trying to get my RAID0 created with BIOS to run with Linux ( 2.6.6
kernel ). AS I'm having a partition for WinXP (for games only) and Liked to
hahe it on RAID0 for more performance...


#1 - Linux sees the HD's but dont recognises the partitions
I learned that 2.4 kernel was having some 'medley' extension in ataraid that
allowed to see the partitions... its missing in 2.6 and should be replaced
with udev (?)

#2 - I deleted the array and created under winxp LVA's for drive 1 and 2,
created there a software raid0 for windows (?) - dont know how to explain it,
its M$ sh....
Linux sees that as a device but is unable to do anything with it! (NTFS

Am I wrong or is it impossible for linux to use this M$ LVAs? I've found a
howto for linux lva but I dont think windows will run with it!

#3 - And here I'm open for all suggestions:
I'd like to have:
- WinXP ( Games partition ) best as Raid0 - no need for security...
- Linux1 ( Root as Raid0, Home as Raid5, maybe or normal... dont know yet )
- Linux2 ( test system )
- Fat32 partiton for sharing stuff between Win and Linux ( as I'm having a
server I'm not bound to it! )
My HD's are 4 x 160GB SATA on Silicon Image 3114 onboard, 3GHz P4 HT, 1GB CL2
I'm havind my important stuff on a RAID1 server, so the desktop pc is meant
for performance only! no need for raid1!

My destined Linux is Yoper, cause I'm currently on mandrake and its so slow
you can get a coffee while starting anything!

Thanks in advance,

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