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SubjectRe: [STACK] >3k call path in reiserfs
On Wed, 9 June 2004 16:40:18 -0700, Hans Reiser wrote:
> >
> Forcing kernel developers to distort their coding to keep stack sizes
> small is not a good idea, as it makes the whole kernel harder to code
> for a not very compelling (for 99% of users, please argue with me if you
> think it is otherwise) benefit.
> I do not think I favor disturbing V3's stability for the sake of the 4k
> stack option, but my mind is still open.

Apart from the fact that v3 appears to be safe on this front, your
perspective of kernel development doesn't seem to match that of most

o The kernel proper has no stable interface, it changes all of the
time. Breaking peripheral kernel code (i.e. filesystems and device
drivers) with any change is not considered a problem. If someone
cares about the peripheral code, it will get fixed.

o Noone has special rights to any code in the kernel. You've accepted
the GPL and thereby given anyone the right to make changes to reiser3
and to distribute the changed code. Active maintainership is usually
valued, but without that, noone is special.

It appears to me that most developers agree to the two point above,
but you have some problems with them, at least lately. Am i wrong?


When you close your hand, you own nothing. When you open it up, you
own the whole world.
-- Li Mu Bai in Tiger & Dragon
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