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SubjectRe: peculiar problem with 2.6, 8139too + ACPI
On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 19:53, Robert Fendt wrote:
> On 17 May 2004 14:24:42 -0400

> differing network topologies.

probably not important, just shows that this is timing dependent.
System must be quiet enough that it gets into idle.

> > Does
> > cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/power
> > show any C3 usage?
> Yes, if I read this correctly, it does. BTW, seemingly pretty much the same on AC or battery.
> betazed:~# cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU1/power
> active state: C2
> default state: C1
> bus master activity: ffffffff
> states:
> C1: promotion[C2] demotion[--] latency[000] usage[00000010]
> *C2: promotion[C3] demotion[C1] latency[001] usage[00025200]
> C3: promotion[--] demotion[C2] latency[101] usage[00024564]

Please verify that the problem goes away when you exclude the
acpi/processor module (CONFIG_ACPI_PROCESSOR) from the system.

With the recent spate of C3 issues, we should make an easier way to
disable C3 until it is fixed...


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