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Subjectproblem rmmod'ing module

I'm getting some strange behavior while trying to rmmod a module from my
2.4.21 kernel. Each call to "rmmod" segfaults, leaving the module usage count
incremented. This doesn't seem like something that is supposed to happen,
but I can't understand what the problem is.

When I strace rmmod, the last few lines are:

query_module(NULL, QM_MODULES, { /* 5 entries */ }, 5) = 0
query_module("serial", QM_INFO, {address=0xd8816000, size=43620, flags=MOD_RUNNING, usecount=14}, 16) = 0
query_module( <unfinished ...>
+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++

I haven't wanted to reboot yet, so I don't know how reproducible this is. (In
fact, I've used this module often on this kernel in the past, and haven't
seen this problem before.) Is there something obvious I am missing?

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