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SubjectRe: [PATCH] oom killer (Core)

On 2004-12-03 23:08:55 Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

>You mean my patch is preventing your machine to boot? Then you're doing
>something else wrong because it's impossible my patch is preventing
>your machine to boot.

Same experience as Thomas here. Full stop like his first log (no errors)
. PIII (Celeron) 900@1 gig, 256 meg mem, 1 gig swap, preempt enabled.

Tried your patch since the oom killer slaughtered a very important app
here when another one ran amok. Not fork spawnings, just ram-eating. Was
blender (3d renderer) in "Sequence Editor" mode when i hit alt-a (for
animate) on a pretty large set of stills. Eventually blender got killed
also, twice...

Kernel 2.6.9 with nick p-s? patch for the buggy kswapd (100 percent cpu,
without using any swap).

Mats Johannesson

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