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SubjectRe: [PATCH]: 1/4 batch mark_page_accessed()
Marcelo Tosatti wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 21, 2004 at 06:44:04PM +0300, Nikita Danilov wrote:
>>Batch mark_page_accessed() (a la lru_cache_add() and lru_cache_add_active()):
>>page to be marked accessed is placed into per-cpu pagevec
>>(page_accessed_pvec). When pagevec is filled up, all pages are processed in a
>>This is supposed to decrease contention on zone->lru_lock.
> Here are the STP 8way results:
> 8way:


> kernbench
> Decreases performance significantly (on -j4 more notably), probably due to
> the additional atomic operations as noted by Andrew:
> kernel: nikita-b2 kernel: patch-2.6.10-rc2
> Host: stp8-002 Host: stp8-003


> Average Half Load -j 4 Run: Average Half Load -j 4 Run:
> Elapsed Time 274.916 Elapsed Time 245.026
> User Time 833.63 User Time 832.34
> System Time 73.704 System Time 73.41
> Percent CPU 335.8 Percent CPU 373.6
> Context Switches 12984.8 Context Switches 13427.4
> Sleeps 21459.2 Sleeps 21642

Do you think looks like it may be a CPU scheduling or disk/fs artifact?
Neither user nor system time are significantly worse, while the vanilla
kernel is using a lot more of the CPUs' power (ie waiting for IO less,
or becoming idle less often due to CPU scheduler balancing).

Aside: under-load conditions like this is actually something where the
CPU scheduler doesn't do brilliantly at currently. I attribute this to
probably most "performance tests" loading it up as much as possible.
I am (on and off) looking at improving performance in these conditions,
and am making some inroads.
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