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Subject[PATCH 0/2] reiserfs: Warn on unsupported options
Yes, the subject sounds silly, but it's needed.

The set of allowable mount options shouldn't change based on the running
kernel configuration. The feature that the option corresponds to may be
unavailable, but in many cases it should be sufficient to warn the user that
the feature is disabled, but the mount has succeeded.

Ext3 does this for things like acl/xattr, and I feel that reiserfs should as

Fortunately, the code to implement it is trivial.

In the following two messages are two patches:
* reiserfs-unsupported-opts.diff
- Adds a REISERFS_UNSUPPORTED_OPT mount flag, and uses it to denote
when a mount option is allowed, but not supported in the running
- Rather than setting/clearing this bit, it's treated as special
and issues a warning using the name of the mount option.
* reiserfs-unsupported-acl.diff
- Uses the above flag to denote ACLs and user xattrs as unsupported
when support is not compiled in.

Currently, if a filesystem is mounted with -oacl and they are not
compiled in, the filesystem will fail to mount. With these patches, the options
are ignored with a warning.

Andrew - Please apply.


Jeff Mahoney
SuSE Labs
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