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SubjectRe: udev: what's up with old /dev ?
On Monday 11 October 2004 02:25, J.A. Magallon wrote:
> On 2004.10.11, Hacksaw wrote:
> > >The very first thing init does is open /dev/console, and if it doesn't
> > >exist the entire boot hangs.
> >
> > This raises a question: Would it be a useful thing to make a modified init
> > that could run udev before it does anything else?
> I don't think it is needed. There is no problem (i am thinking on rootles
> nodes and PXE and so on...) on building a simple initrd with /dev/console,
> /dev/null and half a dozen standard devices if they are needed. Just
> to get udev run and have your real devices mounted there and overwrite
> them.
> I just remember one other oddity. To clean up my system, I copied the
> running /dev to /dev-new, moved /dev to /dev-old and /dev-new to /dev.
> But on 'reboot', I got a complaint about /dev/initctl not opening.
> This could happen also with init. It opens real /dev/initctl on boot,
> mounts /dev and tries to use new /dev/inittclt on shutdown...

What /dev/initctl? Why do you have a pipe in a directory
which supposed to have device nodes only?

Get better init.

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