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    Subject[PATCH] sisfb update 2.6.1

    Update for SiS framebuffer driver for 2.6.1 vanilla

    Since it does not seem as if the fbdev stuff gets merged anytime soon, I
    made this patch for 2.6.1 vanilla.

    I slightly lost track of current patch size policy, so please excuse me
    if this is beyond current limits.

    Anyway, sisfb is simply broken in current 2.6.x. This patch updates
    sisfb to the current development version which no less than 11 months
    ahead of the version in the kernel.

    Updated includes
    - many fixes (duh)
    - support for new chipsets (661, 741, 760)
    - support for new video bridges (301C, 302ELV)
    - removal of all offending fp code (as discussed earlier this month)
    - a lot of code clean-up (which is the main reason for its size)

    Patch is here:

    If I may say "pretty please"...?


    Thomas Winischhofer
    thomas AT winischhofer DOT net ***
    twini AT xfree86 DOT org
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