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    SubjectMaking MO drive work with ide-cd
    Long ago we had a thread here with approximately the above subject.
    I see fragments of discussion like

    - if (drive->media == ide_cdrom)
    + if (drive->media == ide_cdrom || drive->media == ide_optical)
    (void) request_module("ide-cd");

    > Definitely, this looks like a fine start. As far as I'm concerned, it
    > would be fine to commit to 2.5.

    and still today, by default ide_optical is sent to ide-cd.

    I wonder whether that is meaningful.

    By some coincidence I got hold of an MO drive today. Under 2.4.21
    and 2.6.1 using ide-scsi all seems to work at first sight.
    With ide-cd I get errors only.
    Not surprising: ide-cd expects a CD so sends READ_TOC and
    gets "illegal request / invalid command" back.
    The appropriate command is READ CAPACITY.

    Are there cases where ide-cd is useful?
    Should we retarget ide_optical to ide-scsi?

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