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SubjectRe: Can't X be elemenated?
On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:14:56 +0530, kartikey bhatt said:

> Can't X be elemenated?

And replaced with what?

Don't point me at "experimental development systems". I can't use something
that's just now getting to the "display a window" stage. I need something that
will *already* support a Mozilla port (or equivalent), my mail reader, an
equally functional [A-Za-z]term emulator, and have enough backward
compatibility/emulation that I can tunnel X connections from other machines
from other vendors and use their GUI tools (yes, some of us still have Solaris,
Tru64, IRIX, and AIX boxes and need to deal with them on a regular basis - and
those vendors haven't bought into the "replace X" kool-aid yet).

And I'm not convinced that much of the trouble is X's fault, as opposed to
a poor implementation of X:

Any discussion of replacing X needs to understand why Berlin isn't the
dominant windowing system currently.
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