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    SubjectCan't X be elemenated?
    Hi Linus.

    I read your reply to a person worried about the future of linux. It was a
    satisfactory reply; I hope to get a satisfactory reply for this one also.

    Can't X be elemenated?

    I mean to say kernel level support for graphics device drivers and special
    routines for accessing it directly; rest will be done by user space widget
    libraries (or say a kernel space light widget library which can be
    by user space libraries).

    Why am I asking this?

    1st. X is bloat. Though it's good for server environments. For desktop pcs
    it's too heavy. On my machine (PIII500 with 128MB RAM) I have to choose from
    either to run X or compile 2.6.0-test6.

    2nd. It's process based client/server architecture is a bottleneck. It's not
    as interactive as is supposed to be.

    3rd. Most important. I can't impress or convince my window(crash)(TM) user
    friends, relatives (who saw X running on my pc) to use Linux.

    4th. I want to see desktop being ruled by Linux.

    "Present" is in our hands; we are ruling servers.
    You said "Linux, world domination fast".
    If my wish is fulfilled, I am sure, one day, You (Mr. Linus) and I will
    be saying "Linux, world domination completed".

    -Kartikey Mahendra Bhatt.

    (Sorry for raising this question during feature freeze. But the
    consequences in last few days have forced me to ask this question.)


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