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Subjects390 patches: descriptions.
Hi Linus,
I have 19 patches for you, all of them affect only s390. The patches are
against todays bitkeeper tree. I've seen that 32 bit dev_t are finally
in. We'll have another patch for dasd soon :-))

Short descriptions:
1) The usual base bug fix collection for s390.
2) Bug fixes/improvements for the common i/o layer.
3) 31 bit compatability fixes.
4) Some micro optimizations.
5) Fix for the system tick misaccounting problem. LPAR and VM have the
tedious habit to deliver timer ticks after i/o interrupts if they
are close enough together although the timer interrupt arrived first.
In some szenarios (network benchmarks) this happens all the time and
this leads to high system time numbers although the system is mostly
6) Restarting of system calls crashes if the svc instruction was done via
an execute instruction.
7) Make use of sysfs_create_group.
8) Kconfig update. Arnd added a condition to BLK_DEV_FD in
drivers/block/Kconfig so that we can use it in the s390 config.
In addition the s390 block device configs now reside in
drivers/s390/block/Kconfig where they belong.
9) Guillaume Morin tested xpram on a 64 bit machine and found some bugs.
10) dasd format fix. Now unformatted dasd device can be accessed with 2.6.
11) Bug fix for the dasd partition support.
12) Bug fixes for the block device interface of the tape driver.
13) Update of the ctc network driver.
14) Bug fixes and update of the iucv network driver.
15) Update of the lcs network driver.
16) Bug fixes and update of the qeth network driver.
17) Add support for vt220 console over sclp.
18) Documentation changes.
19) Remove some outdates files. The ipl boot records have been moved
to a userspace package.

blue skies,

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