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SubjectRe: Incremental update of TCP Checksum
On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 11:50:16 PDT, Vishwas Raman <>  said:

> Can anyone out there tell me the algorithm to update the checksum
> without having to recalculate it.

The canonical source is the RFCs:

1071 Computing the Internet checksum. R.T. Braden, D.A. Borman, C.
Partridge. Sep-01-1988. (Format: TXT=54941 bytes) (Updated by
RFC1141) (Status: UNKNOWN)

1141 Incremental updating of the Internet checksum. T. Mallory, A.
Kullberg. Jan-01-1990. (Format: TXT=3587 bytes) (Updates RFC1071)
(Updated by RFC1624) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

1624 Computation of the Internet Checksum via Incremental Update. A.
Rijsinghani, Ed.. May 1994. (Format: TXT=9836 bytes) (Updates
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