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SubjectNetfiltering - NF_IP_LOCAL_OUT - how it works???

I am working with the 2.4.20 kernel.

The module I am writing is supposed to intercept all outgoing packets
passing between the TCP and IP layer. I was trying to use the
netfiltering mechanism for that purpose.

While initializing the module, I register a NF_IP_LOCAL_OUT hook for the
outgoing packet and change skb->dst->output to my_ip_output() instead of
ip_output() in that hook function. After loading the module, I see
control being transferred to my_ip_output() for all outgoing packets
which in turn calls ip_output() and everything seems to work well.

The exit function of the module also unregisters the hook that I am using.

The problem is that after I unload the module, which in turn unregisters
the hook, I have a kernel panic happening each time I use TCP.

The panic occurs at the following point, ip_build_and_send_pkt() in
ip_output.c where it is trying to call


I thought once the unregistering of the hook is done, it no longer looks
for that hook function. I have no idea why it is failing. May be I am
doing something grossly wrong with netfiltering. Anyone who is familiar
with netfiltering and has registered and unregistered hooks before might
be able to guide me regarding this.

Any help will be appreciated.



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