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Subject[SEGFAULT] waking up from S3 fails (ACPI)

The kernel crashes when I want to wake up the systems from Suspend to RAM
(S3). Kernel is 2.6.0-test5 on a IBM R32 Notebook.

When I do the

echo -n "mem" >> /sys/power/state

the notebook goes immediately off (no led is on. When I do suspend to RAM
via APM, there is still a led on - the halfmoon one). Pressing the power button
turns the notebook on (the display is on) and there are some messages on
the console (don't know, which are from going to suspend and which are from
trying to wake up):

hdc: start_power_step(step:0)
hdc: completing PM request, suspend
hda: start_power_step(step: 0)
hda: start_power_step(step: 1)
hda: complete_power_request(step:1, stat:50, err: 0)
hda: completing PM request suspend
hwsleep-0257 [29] acpi_enter_sleep_state: Entering sleep state [S1]
double fault, gdt at c0449a80 [255 bytes]
double fault, tss at c04d5800
eip = 00000000, esp = 00000000
eax = 00000000, ebx = 00000000, ecx = 00000000, edx = 00000000
esi = 00000000, edi = 00000000


...Wenn man sich bei NetBSD auf eines verlassen kann, dann: Egal, WAS[...]
man updated, mplayer hat mit Sicherheit dependencies drauf.
Rene Schickbauer,
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