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Subject[Bug 973] Presario kernel panic with 2.6.0
After a short interruption in testing caused by friends visiting from 
Maine I have resumed chasing a panic which I only see on my laptop.

Please see bugzilla 973 for the gory details of hardware, panic messages,
config, etc.

At the request of Zwane, to whom this bug is assigned, I have restested
with 2.6.0-test2 as well as with the mm5 patch from Andrew Morton. I am
still seeing the same panic.

I believe Zwane thinks this is related to Synaptics code, but I am
unconvinced. I tried the akpm patchset both with and without Synaptics
support and it made no difference.

I apologize for the oops message going to bugzilla being incomplete. The
laptop has USB, but no "regular" serial ports, and I have yet to procure a
USB-to-9pin serial converter.

Thanks in advnace for everyone's attention. I will update the bugzilla
page tomorrow.

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