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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O13int for interactivity

Mon, 4 Aug 2003 21:12:47 +0200 I wrote:

> Wine/wineserver now has the same PRI as in pure A3 on my game-test,

I have to make an addendum based on more thorough observations.
Determining which one of wine or wineserver to treat as interactive
seems to be a hard nut for O13int - maybe impossible and irrelevant as
well. Anyway, here's what is happening:

Switching from the game to a text console where "top" is running,
counting to 15 in my head (didn't have a watch on my arm), wine dropps
its PRI from 25 to 16. Wineserver, which has had a PRI of 16, gains a
few points to 18, then shortly after gets elevated to 25 and stays
there. Returning to the game everything is clunky and sound choppy. It
takes a fair amount of work (panning, character movement, menu
selections etc) before wine gets its 25 PRI back. Just waiting doesn't
cut it.

A3 can also be fooled. Not by a mere switch to the text console, but by
deactivating an option which affects the whole graphic handling:

"Software standard BLT [on/off]. Enable this option if graphic anomalies
appear in the game"

After disabling it, but only the first time - on/off thereafter has no
trigger effect - A3 gives wineserver a PRI of 25. It does however
recuperate quickly, within something like 5 seconds. Just waiting is
enough. O13int is also affected by this trigger, that's how I first
experienced the PRI reversing.

Disclaimer: I'm not a gamer, and have no interest in the scheduler
being tuned for this particular scenario. It just happens to be that the
game-test is where I really can observe the differences in scheduler

Mats Johannesson
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