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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] 2.4.21 USB printer failure w/ HP PSC750
On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Peter Denison wrote:

> Having just upgraded to 2.4.21, the first time I tried to print, the
> following happened. The printer started to print, but gave up after a
> while and spat out just about 1" of image. Needless to say, it all worked
> fine under 2.4.20.
> Intel 82801BA based MB, running stock 2.4.21 (compiled with gcc 3.3.1)
> with uhci driver (all on Debian testing)
> This debugging code was introduced during 2.4.20->2.4.21, but I'm afraid I
> don't know what the significance of it is. (Happens when td->dma_handle !=
> (qh->element & ~UHCI_PTR_BITS) )
> Can anyone tell me what's going on? I am happy to provide more information
> as necessary.

I can't tell you what's going on, but I can explain the debugging

> kernel: Element != First TD

That's not an error; it's just alerting you to the fact that the transfer
being shown has already begun.

> kernel: 12: [d66d9240] link (166d9270) e3 SPD Length=3f MaxLen=3f DT0 EndPt=1
> Dev=2, PID=e1(OUT) (buf=15f5c300)

Each of these guys is a packet (the data is split up into 64-byte packets)
that has been transferred to the printer successfully.

> kernel: 13: [d66d9270] link (166d92a0) e0 SPD Stalled CRC/Timeo Length=3f
> MaxLen=3f DT1 EndPt=1 Dev=2, PID=e1(OUT) (buf=15f5c340)

This is the trouble spot. It's a packet that failed 3 times because the
printer did not respond within the timeout period or because noise in the
cable prevented the response from being received.

> kernel: 14: [d66d92a0] link (166d92d0) e3 SPD Active Length=0 MaxLen=3f DT0
> EndPt=1 Dev=2, PID=e1(OUT) (buf=15f5c380)

These are additional packets that haven't been sent because the transfer
was aborted when the trouble occurred above.

> kernel: printer.c: usblp0: nonzero read/write bulk status received: -110

-110 is the code for a timeout error.

> Aug 6 18:46:16 kernel: [d7b0b0c0] link (17b0b062) element (166d9030)
> kernel: Element != First TD
> kernel: 0: [d66d9000] link (166d9030) e3 Length=7 MaxLen=7 DT0 EndPt=0 Dev=2,
> PID=2d(SETUP) (buf=161364e0)
> kernel: 1: [d66d9030] link (166d9060) e0 SPD Stalled CRC/Timeo Length=7ff
> MaxLen=0 DT1 EndPt=0 Dev=2, PID=69(IN) (buf=167dbf67)
> kernel: 2: [d66d9060] link (00000001) e3 IOC Active Length=0 MaxLen=7ff DT1
> EndPt=0 Dev=2, PID=e1(OUT) (buf=00000000)

This indicates more communications problems. Have you checked that your
USB cable is okay? Did you go back to 2.4.20 to see if that still works?

Alan Stern

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