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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix error return get/set_native_max functions
> This change is okay, thanks.
> However changing coding style is not...

An interesting remark.

I belong to the people who look at kernel source on a screen
with 80 columns. Code that is wider and wraps is unreadable.

Now of course you might react "buy a better monitor", but in fact
this restriction leads to cleaner code. There is something wrong
when code is indented too deeply, and almost always a cleanup is
possible that splits some inner stuff out as a separate function.

As a side effect of that you'll see in patches from me changes
that bring the code within the 80-column limit.

> -static unsigned long idedisk_set_max_address(ide_drive_t *drive, unsigned long addr_req)
> +static unsigned long
> +idedisk_set_max_address(ide_drive_t *drive, unsigned long addr_req)

It is a matter of taste precisely which transformation is best
in order to bring the source within the 80-column limit,
but having the type on the preceding line is very common
in the kernel source (and elsewhere), so among the possible
ways of splitting this line this is a very natural one.

I am not interested in a discussion about style, but will defend
the 80-column limit.


Functions should be short and sweet, and do just one thing. They should
fit on one or two screenfuls of text (the ISO/ANSI screen size is 80x24,
as we all know), and do one thing and do that well.
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