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SubjectRe: Fast DMA CD audio extraction
Ed Sweetman wrote:
> Tom Felker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to get decent performance (e.g. DMA, not PIO) extracting
>> audio with cdparanoia from an new IDE CD-ROM. The current problem is
>> very slow ripping and very high system CPU time. hdparm reports DMA
>> is on, and reading data is perfectly fast.
>> What kernel versions and patches should I be trying?
>> (Please cc: me, emailing in reply to linux.kernel posts munges threading)
>> Thanks,
Correction, magellon's tree, designated by the -jam extension.

> akpm's kernel trees have the ide-dma patch that enables dma in raw mode.
> Works quite nicely but i'd only use it on really prestine cds. DMA by
> it's nature doesn't give the best error reporting when dealing with raw
> data cds like audio cds. I've never had a problem with it though, even
> on cds with scratches.

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