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SubjectRe: Fast DMA CD audio extraction
Tom Felker wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get decent performance (e.g. DMA, not PIO) extracting audio with
> cdparanoia from an new IDE CD-ROM. The current problem is very slow ripping
> and very high system CPU time. hdparm reports DMA is on, and reading data is
> perfectly fast.
> What kernel versions and patches should I be trying?
> (Please cc: me, emailing in reply to linux.kernel posts munges threading)
> Thanks,
akpm's kernel trees have the ide-dma patch that enables dma in raw mode.
Works quite nicely but i'd only use it on really prestine cds. DMA by
it's nature doesn't give the best error reporting when dealing with raw
data cds like audio cds. I've never had a problem with it though, even
on cds with scratches.

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