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SubjectRe: Help with debugging of a framebuffer driver on a legacyfree system.
On Wed, 27 Aug 2003 16:20:35 +0200 "Thomas S. Iversen" <> wrote:

| Hi there
| As part of a project I am trying to write a framebuffer device
| driver for a graphic chip. Up until now I have compiled my
| code as a module and been doing insmod, rmmod and that have worked
| nicely.
| I then tried to compile the driver into the kernel but that
| makes the kernel hang. As my development system are a legacy
| free laptop and my driver initializes the screen, the kernel
| hangs without me being able to figure out where and why that
| happend.

First choice would be to develop on a system where you can add
(PCI?) bus probes or other adapters/gadgets, like a port-80 card.

| So I seek advice on how to debug the driver! As said, the
| laptop are legacy free, so I have not got a serial port.
| I have tried a usb->serial adapter, but that requires a driver.
| Can I do USB->USB on another computer? Or?
| Or am I stuck with coding my own printk variant and writing to the
| screen or is there any other option I have not thought of?

There are already early_printk patches and an x86-specific
"poke a character into video RAM" patch. The latter one is at:

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