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SubjectCardBus card is not recognized (PCI vendor 0xffff, ...)
I'm stuck with my Trendnet TEW-221PCI wireless lan card (Cardbus) not
working in Linux... (it works in Windoze 2k).
Card insertion is detected, but the card itself is not recognized.

I have searched everywhere and I am not able to find any solutution.

Here is what I get in dmesg:
cs: cb_alloc(bus 2): vendor 0xffff, device 0xffff
PCI: device 02:00.0 has unknown header type 7f, ignoring.
PCI: No IRQ known for interrupt pin ? of device 02:00.0

lspci says that the card's vendor is unknown.

cardctl status:
Socket 0:
3.3V CardBus card
function 0: [ready]

cardctl ident:
Socket 0:
no product info available

I have several kernels (RH 9.0 one as well as 2.4.21 and 2.4.22-rc1).
PCMCIA utilities are pcmcia-cs-3.2.4.

My cardbus controller is detected prefectly (it is made by ENE), machine
is ECS Green 550.

The card uses ADMtek 8211 chipset (if that matters).
Unfortunately I don't have other cards to test, but this one works in
Windows on the same machine...

I don't know if this a bug or something, but I'm really stuck, so any
advice is appreciated.
Please CC me when replying if possible.

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