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SubjectRe: Input issues - key down with no key up
Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
> > My laptop has function buttons that bring me to a setup menu where
> > I can set various timeouts related to power saving. These built-in
> > menus react to translated scancode Set 2 only. There is no way to get
> > out if one first chooses Set 3.

Perhaps the BIOS is listening for translated set 2 scancodes. Maybe some
different keys would have the power saving functions in other modes?

> Actually the spec is a standard and standard hardware performs as
> expected (e.g. hardware released by IBM). The rest is non-standard and if
> a manufacturer claims PS/2-compliance for any of these items, then he
> lies.

The user doesn't care if it's PS/2 compliant or not. It must work,
that is the only important thing. Even more so, given it is flawless

> Note the translation is done outside the keyboard -- the onboard 8042
> controller is responsible for it. And it's an obstacle for normal
> operation, most notably you cannot handle hot-plug events as they are
> undistinguishable from a <Shift> release.

Perhaps you can detect a keyboard being unplugged by periodically
sending it Echo commands (EE), or any other command to which it responds.

-- Jamie
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