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SubjectRe: patches question

--- Mark Hahn <> wrote:
> > success, in order to know the list purposes. But i
> > think questions about: kernel, kernel modules and
> > drivers should be ok.
> the point is that it's simply inappropriate to ask
> questions that you can easily answer yourself.

I think what is easy and what not is relative, if you
are more documented about kernel and use english as
your primary language, many question appear to you as

I think my question appear to you easy. I know your
answer after you make it. That is because the question
is not all specific it should be. But i think the
answers i get should be more completes. Example:

your response:

ac = alan cox

expected response:

ac is Alan Cox and this patches are oriented to
support x hardware..., (i don't found it in the faq,
may be because alan cox patches only solve problems
aleatory, without one specific purpose, and that is
the only answer i can get to my question), and the
documentation for alan cox patches are in that url
.... that link should be usefull too

> > Otherwise the list must be
> > called kernel-bugs-report or mark-hahn-kernel-bugs
> :-)
> > or something similar
> the list is specifically "discussion of
> kernel-development issues".
> it's not "how do I find the most introductory
> information possible".
> for instance, patches are almost certainly
> well-described in the
> lkml faq, and changelogs are found in the most
> logical possible
> place (

sorry but i think the faq is incomplete, i think
useless for what i need too. It have incomplete
answers and not links references for many important
questions. May be should exist one list or forum
dedicated to: Kernel, Kernel Patches, Kernel Modules,
Kernel Drives and other about Kernel Development and
Bugs Report.

> lkml is not a kernel-bug list, nor do I have any
> importance to it.
> I simply offered you some advice out of charity.

If one question is easy to answer it not make it not
important, is important for who make it, not for you.
If exist other list, forum, ... more related to kernel
and kernel patched and it's drivers compilation
problems please let me know it.

If i make more questions in that list, i will make
more specific questions in order to get more usefull
answers. But probably not because i think that list is
only for who develop the kernel and not for who
compile and use them and it's patches and drivers.

Thanks for your help and Good luck!!

Daniel Pezoa

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