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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] RFC: kills consistent_dma_mask
    >>>>> "Krzysztof" == Krzysztof Halasa <> writes:

    Krzysztof> "David S. Miller" <> writes:
    >> The ia64 support code to do things with consistent_dma_mask just
    >> isn't in the tree yet.

    Krzysztof> Ok. Any pointer so I can see how is it used?

    drivers/net/tg3.c was the case where we needed it first. If you grab
    the official ia64 kernel patch and look in the arch/ia64/sn/io code
    you will find places that consider it.

    >> Because the other platforms don't to do anything special wrt. this
    >> they can just ignore consitent_dma_mask altogether.

    Krzysztof> No. The documentation states that consistent_dma_mask (and
    Krzysztof> not dma_mask) will be used when doing
    Krzysztof> pci_alloc_consistent(). This is, obviously, false on most
    Krzysztof> platforms.

    It's not being used on those platforms because I couldn't implement it
    on all of them - I just don't have the hardware. We implemented it on
    ia64 because thats where we needed it, Andi Kleen then implemented it
    on x86_64 because he needed it there. If there are PPC boxes out there
    with similar issues then I am sure that the PPC maintainers will
    implement support for this when they need it.

    Krzysztof> It is perfectly reasonable to expect that
    Krzysztof> setting consistent_dma_mask to, say, 28 bits will cause
    Krzysztof> pci_alloc_consistent to return memory from first 256
    Krzysztof> MB. This is not true on most platforms, for example i386
    Krzysztof> happily allocs memory near the top in such case.

    The default for pci_alloc_consistent() on ia32 is that
    pci_dev->consistent_dma_mask == 32 bit. If you need something else for
    a reason, please feel free to implement support for it.

    Krzysztof> If we really need two masks, they can't be ignored on some
    Krzysztof> archs.

    So *fix* it! This is Linux, it's Free Software, you have the source,
    you have the right to fix bugs!

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