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Subjectkbuild: Separate ouput directory support
The following set of patches introduce support for
separate output directory when building a kernel.
Typical usage is building several kernels with different configurations -
but based on the same kernel src.

Consider the following setup:
/home/sam/bk/linux-2.6 <= kernel src

/home/sam/kernel/mars <= My workstation
/home/sam/kernel/defconfig <= defconfig for compiletime testing

Then in order to handle the two different configurations I just have to do:
cd /home/sam/bk/linux-2.6
make O=../../kernel/mars

And the same for the defconfig version.

All output files are stored in the output directory, including .config.
[Thanks to Roman Zippel which made this loong time ago in kconfig].

The patch has been in existence in several months but only lately becoming
in a suitable state ready for inclusion. It is developed based on an initial
concept made by Kai Germaschewski, but refined a lot since then.
It works with a kernel based on default configuration (make defconfig).

It is divided up in the following parts:
core the kbuild changes to support separate output directory
ieee Fix in ieee Makefile
i386 Fix in i386 Makefiles + new syntax enabled for always
This was required because i386 had an executable located in
a subdirectory.
include Fixes for errornous include paths, and one place where a generated
.c file references a .h file in the kernel tree.

Please pull from
bk pull bk://

Patches follows this mail.

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