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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test3-mm2, and my no audio whine, updated
On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 10:49:18 -0400 Gene Heskett <> wrote:

| Greetings;
| I guess we can forget about parts of my "no audio" whine. It turns
| out there are alsa options in the "make menuconfig" that somehow are
| not in "make xconfig". Hint...

Can you be more specific? I looked and didn't see differences,
although I admit that I didn't try every possible combination.

| I turned on what I thought was the right stuff, and was greeted by the
| drum solo when I started kde just now. So at least kde can make
| noises now.

From other emails:

} Have you tried alsamixer? I'm pretty sure everything's muted by default.


} Alsa boots up muted. Use alsamixer(1) (it is a curses app) to set
} your prefered volumes. Then as root run 'alsactl store' to store
} said volumes. Each boot running 'alsactl restore' will reset them.

| However, xawtv and gnomeradio are still mute, gnomeradio complaining
| about not being able to access /dev/radio, and xawtv silently exiting
| after the launch timeout. Do I need to relink those devices in /dev?
| If so, what to, or to what as the case may be?

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