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    SubjectRE: [ACPI] device states supported by current drivers
    I think device states will not be supported in 2.4 kernel, And It could be found in 2.6 kernel. 
    Who know the current status?

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    From: Pavel Machek []
    Sent: 2003?8?13? 6:58
    To: Bharata B Rao
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    Subject: Re: [ACPI] device states supported by current drivers


    > >Am Mo, 2003-08-11 um 03.28 schrieb Bharata B Rao:
    > >>
    > >>Are there any device drivers in 2.4/2.6 kernels which actually support
    > >>different low power states as defined by ACPI ? The reason I ask is I
    > >>can't really see any device actually implementing the new driver model
    > >>suspend routine which is used by ACPI.
    > >
    > >
    > >What about the e100 driver? See drivers/net/e100/e100_main.c
    > >
    > Ok, I can see that now. Thanks.
    > Two more dumb questions (sorry for asking them here in devel list)
    > 1. When a particular sleep state (S1 - S5) is entered via
    > /proc/acpi/sleep, the devices are put to one of the D states (D0 - D3)
    > From the code (device_suspend, e100_suspend, pci_set_power_state), it
    > looks like the sleep states (Sx) are directly translated to device
    > states (Dx) when it comes to device suspend. i,e., when I say enter S2,
    > it will lead to device entering to D2. Is this how it should be ?

    I believe suspend() function parameters are expected to tell you *S*
    state we are entering. I do not see code that enables drivers to enter
    D0 vs. D1 vs. D2 vs D3. I guess it is not there.

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