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SubjectHello SCO, Yes? Hello?
Hi SCO, 
We havent met before, but, at work my company
uses 1,760 odd computers running linux in a p2p fashion,
in addition to this, _each_ one runs quite a few UML
copies, so I wondered, is there any chance of you taking
us to court because we don't want to pay your license,
and we could do with some extra money for another couple
of TB's of memory and stuff once we win, I was wondering
if knowing you are gong to lose your case against us,
you would perhaps think about settling now?

Also each one runs our own distro based on nobody elses
and, shucks, thats got to be worth suing for too?

Hell if you don't sue us we are going to plaster your
Alleged I.P across bill boards at bus stations up and
down the country, go on sue us now...

Cheers, Dean.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't
work out.
--About 32,000 servers in response to me, worldwide.

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