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    SubjectC99 types VS Linus types

    before a standard was set, every single OS had to come up with its
    own fancy fixed-size type definitions such as DWORD, ULONG, u32,
    CARD32, u_int32_t and so on.

    Since C99, the C language has acquired a standard set of machine
    independent types that can be used for machine independent
    fixed-width declarations.

    Getting rid of all non-ISO types from kernel code could be a
    desiderable long-term goal. Besides the inexplicable goodness
    of standards compliance, my favourite argument is that not
    depending on custom definitions makes copying code from/to
    other projects a little easier.

    Ok, "int32_t" is a little more typing than "s32_t", but in
    exchange you get it syntax hilighted in vim like built-in
    types ;-)

    I suggest a soft approach: trying to use C99 types as much
    as possible for new code and only converting old code to
    C99 when it's not too much trouble.

    I hope it doesn't turn into an endless flame war... This is
    just a polite suggestion.

    // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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