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Subject[Bug 1000] New: file corruption using cryptoloop on ext2/ext3/other file systems

Summary: file corruption using cryptoloop on ext2/ext3/other file
Kernel Version: 2.6.0-test2
Status: NEW
Severity: normal

Distribution: unstable debian (util-linux 2.12)
Hardware Environment: AMD K7
Software Environment:
Problem Description:

Using cryptoloop, any files copied to ext2/ext3, and from what I hear anything
other than msdos/vfat (vfat verified), leaves files corrupted.

# this talks about files larger than system memory, but I see this with files
# of any size.

Steps to reproduce:

losetup /dev/loop0 /dev/hdX -e aes
mkfs -t ext3 /dev/loop0
mount /dev/loop0 /mnt
cp /tmp/some.mp3 /mnt
umount /mnt
losetup -d /dev/loop0

md5sum /tmp/some.mp3

losetup /dev/loop0 /dev/hdX -e aes
mount /dev/loop0 /mnt
md5sum /mnt/some.mp3

While the fs is mounted, everything checks out ok, but as soon as you unmount
and remount, it's all messed up.

I created a 10MB test file, and instead of using a drive/partition as above, I
used the file. ext2 on there worked ok, so I don't know if it's something over a
certain size or what.

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