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SubjectRe: i8042 problem
> From: Alan Cox <>
> Date: 28 Jul 2003 12:25:05 +0100

> > > So the culprit is the failing of atkbd_probe().
> > > It does a ATKBD_CMD_GETID, but gets no answer, then a
> > > ATKBD_CMD_SETLEDS, and that command fails.
> >
> > I see the light now. Somehow I imagined that atkbd code does not call
> > the ->open for the port. Now it all falls into place. Everything works
> > with a bigger timeout.
> Unfortunately with this change several people still report failures

I'm afraid it is to be expected. They have to go through the
motions of setting DEBUG. Unfortunately, it's not all that
simple. Messages scroll up and since the keyboard is dead,
they cannot be returned with Shift-PgUp. I used a serial console.
I think it's more effort most people are prepared to spend.

-- Pete
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