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    Subject[PATCH] 2.6.0-test1 Nonexistent Symbols During Config
    "make menuconfig" emits the following before it starts:

    boolean symbol BINFMT_ZFLAT tested for 'm'? test forced to 'n'
    # using defaults found in arch/i386/defconfig
    arch/i386/defconfig:68: trying to assign nonexistent symbol X86_SSE2
    arch/i386/defconfig:544: trying to assign nonexistent symbol NET_PCMCIA_RADIO
    arch/i386/defconfig:663: trying to assign nonexistent symbol INTEL_RNG

    If these symbols have in fact been removed, the patch below removes
    them. Not sure how to address the forced test, though.

    "Life to you is a bold and dashing responsibility"
    -- a Mary Chung's fortune cookie
    $ diff -Naur arch/i386/defconfig.orig arch/i386/defconfig
    --- arch/i386/defconfig.orig 2003-07-13 23:35:57.000000000 -0400
    +++ arch/i386/defconfig 2003-07-16 00:41:31.000000000 -0400
    @@ -65,7 +65,6 @@
    # CONFIG_HUGETLB_PAGE is not set
    # CONFIG_PREEMPT is not set
    @@ -541,7 +540,6 @@
    # CONFIG_PCMCIA_SMC91C92 is not set
    # CONFIG_PCMCIA_XIRC2PS is not set
    # CONFIG_PCMCIA_AXNET is not set

    @@ -660,7 +658,6 @@
    # Watchdog Cards
    # CONFIG_WATCHDOG is not set
    # CONFIG_AMD_RNG is not set
    # CONFIG_NVRAM is not set
    # CONFIG_RTC is not set
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