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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] O1int for 2.5.73
    > Here is an updated version of the O1int patch designed to improve 
    > interactivity.
    > This change addresses the difficulty of new tasks in heavy load being
    > recognised as interactive by decreasing the amount of time considered in the
    > interactivity equation, but dropping that decrease exponentially till it gets
    > to the MAX_SLEEP_AVG.
    > This should improve the startup time of new apps in heavy load and lessen
    > audio stalls when loads are high _and_ then the audio app is started.
    > Please test and comment.

    Don't try this on a P4 with Hyper Threading enabled 8)

    When doing a make -j6 even, mouse/keyboard/window switching/whatever
    takes ages to respond. Worked fine without (even with a make -j20),
    just tried this for fun.



    Martin Schlemmer

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