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SubjectRe: Crusoe's persistent translation on linux?
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Process startup is slightly slower due to the translation overhead, but
> that doesn't matter for the kernel anyway (so a native kernel wouldn't
> much help). And we do cache translations in memory, even across
> invocations. I suspect the reason large builds are slower are due to slow
> memory and/or occasionally overflowing the translation cache.

So how can I increase the size of the translation cache. I read from
Transmeta's whitepaper that both BIOS and OS can do this. This mean
that I should be able to insert a little piece of code in the kernel
somewhere and experiment with the new setting. I guess it might be a PCI

How about the persistent translation service on Linux?
a) Transmeta will write it for us.
b) Transmeta will open enough info. for us to write it our own.
What do you think?

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