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SubjectRe: Crusoe's persistent translation on linux?

On 20 Jun 2003, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Did you just write: "the Crusoe has special backdoors built-in which
> would allow a userspace program to takeover the machine, and Transmeta
> choose security through obscurity to avoid this problem" ?

No. Quite the reverse. I just effectively wrote "you _cannot_ do that".
And we won't even tell the details of _how_ you cannot do that.

In fact, even inside transmeta you cannot do that, without having a
specially blessed version of the flash that allows upgrades. If you ever
see a machine with a prominent notice saying "CMS upgraded to development
version", then that's a hint that it's a machine that TMTA developers
could change.

But even then you'd have to know how to change it.

Think of it like the Intel microcode update, except on steroids. Big


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