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SubjectNew struct sock_common breaks parisc 64 bit compiles with a misalignment
The problem seems to be that the new struct sock_common ends with a
pointer and an atomic_t (which is an int on parisc), so the compiler
adds an extra four bytes of padding where none previously existed in
struct tcp_tw_bucket, so the __u64 ptr tricks with tw_daddr fail.

A fix that seems to work for me on parisc64 is to move the atomic_t out
of the end of struct sock_common and back into the two other structures
(so struct sock_common now ends on 0 mod 8).


===== include/net/sock.h 1.43 vs edited =====
--- 1.43/include/net/sock.h Wed Jun 4 19:57:07 2003
+++ edited/include/net/sock.h Mon Jun 9 23:41:15 2003
@@ -111,7 +111,6 @@
struct sock **skc_pprev;
struct sock *skc_bind_next;
struct sock **skc_bind_pprev;
- atomic_t skc_refcnt;

@@ -191,7 +190,7 @@
#define sk_pprev __sk_common.skc_pprev
#define sk_bind_next __sk_common.skc_bind_next
#define sk_bind_pprev __sk_common.skc_bind_pprev
-#define sk_refcnt __sk_common.skc_refcnt
+ atomic_t sk_refcnt;
volatile unsigned char sk_zapped;
unsigned char sk_shutdown;
unsigned char sk_use_write_queue;
===== include/net/tcp.h 1.44 vs edited =====
--- 1.44/include/net/tcp.h Fri Jun 6 05:24:44 2003
+++ edited/include/net/tcp.h Mon Jun 9 23:39:44 2003
@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@
#define tw_pprev __tw_common.skc_pprev
#define tw_bind_next __tw_common.skc_bind_next
#define tw_bind_pprev __tw_common.skc_bind_pprev
-#define tw_refcnt __tw_common.skc_refcnt
+ atomic_t tw_refcnt;
volatile unsigned char tw_substate;
unsigned char tw_rcv_wscale;
__u16 tw_sport;
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