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SubjectRe: [2.5.69] Fails on "Uncompressing Kernel" (detailed)
David van Hoose wrote:
> I've managed to get 2.5.69 to boot *once*. Not trusting the kernel to
> report the numerous problems until I can boot the kernel more than once.
> I lost my config so I can't figure out what I managed to do so right. I
> have tried a couple other configs that I normally use for 2.4.x, but
> with the new 2.5.x options. Those I have attached.
> All I get is the "Uncompressing Linux" and then no more output. However,
> it appears that my system is booting anyway as if it is on another TTY.

The configuration menu has changed recently so that support for normal
console operation is not included by default. To activate the usual
console on VT and on VGA requires selecting options that are buried
in the 'Character device' 'Input device' and 'Graphics support' menu
sections. Go all the way to the bottom of each section and you will
see the obvious items you need to select. Rather a confusing change.

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