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SubjectRe: irq balancing: performance disaster
>> > While tackling bug 699, it became clear to me that irq balancing is the cause 
>> > of the performance problems I, and all people using the SMP kernel Mandrake
>> > 9.1 ships, are dealing with. I got the problems with 2.5.69 too. After
>> > disabling irq balancing, the system is remarkably faster, and much more
>> > responsive.
>> >
>> > For those interested in the issue, please look at bug 699.
>> Could you test out this patch from Keith Mannthey if you're having trouble?
>> It makes irq balance a config option, which makes it easier to disable.
>> Various people have requested it, but I don't have a box to test it on ;-(
>> Pulled out of -mjb tree, but should go onto mainline easily.
> What's wrong with the noirqbalance parameter?

You have to add it ;-) Functionally equivalanet, just an easier method
for people who want to do such things in userspace for whatever reason.


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