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SubjectRe: irq balancing: performance disaster
On Sunday 11 May 2003 04:14, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
> Could you test out this patch from Keith Mannthey if you're having trouble?
> It makes irq balance a config option, which makes it easier to disable.
> Various people have requested it, but I don't have a box to test it on ;-(
> Pulled out of -mjb tree, but should go onto mainline easily.
> M.

For 2.5.68, this patch isn't needed, the noirqbalance command line option
works fine. I'll test it though, for IMHO irq balancing really should be an
option, if not deleted at all. (anyone who actually gained performance with
this ? Maybe it only works on cpus that are fast enough to handle all
interrutps without performance going down)

For the Mandrake 2.4.21-0.13mdk kernel, there is no noirqbalance option in the
kernel. I tried to contact the Mandrake guys about this, but unfortunately
their response is 0. This patch also fails badly, and I haven't decided yet
wether I'm willing to help a company which doesn't seem to care at all and
uses pre-kernels in their distribution.

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