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SubjectLinux 2.5.64-ac1

Linux 2.5.64-ac1
Merge Linus 2.5.63
Merge Linus 2.5.64
Revert broken watchdog changes
o Revert wrong -ac change to keyboard.c (me)
o Fix cpufreq compile (Bob Miller)

Linux 2.5.62-ac1
Merge Linus 2.5.62
o UNEXPECTED_IO_APIC can be static (Pavel Machek)
o Update IPMI driver to version 18 (Corey Minyard)
o Tons of spelling fixes (Steven Cole)
o FBdev updates (James Simmons)
o PC-9800 update (Osamu Tomita)
o Remove dead scripts (Brian Gerst)
o v850 updates (Miles Bader)
o Update 3c523 to new MCA api (untested) (James Bottomley)
o Toshiba keyboard workaround (Pavel Machek)
o Fix mremap file name in comments (Paul Larson)
o Firestream typo fixes (Maciej Soltysiak)
o Backport trident reset fix from 2.4 (Muli Ben-Yehuda)
o Morse code panics are back! (Tomas Szepe)
o Fix aicasm build (Bob Tracy)
o Fixes for 700/710 drivers (Rolf Eike Beer)
o Spelling fixes (Rolf Eike Beer)
o Optimise CRC32 (Joakim Tjernlund)
o Next batch of v850 updates (Miles Bader)
o Takayoshi Kochi has moved email (Takayoshi Kochi)
o SunRPC race fix (Trond Myklebust)
o Refix addr/port naming confusion in IDE iops (me)
o Forward port VIA APIC handling quirks (me)
o Forward port ALi magick quirk flag handler (me)
| Needs bt848 etc to acquire the fix too
o Forward port IDE bases fix (me)
o Forward port pci irq search for legacy IDE (me)

Linux 2.5.61-ac1
Merge Linus 2.5.61
o Fix aic7xxx makefile (Sam Ravnborg)
o Fix ieee1394 build on Alpha (Ben Collins)
o Fix isdn_net build with X.25 (Adriank Bunk)
o Typo fix (Steven Bosscher)
o A pile of other typo fixes (Steven Cole)
o C99 initializers (Art Haas)
o dasd typo fix (Maciej Soltysiak)
o Remove an unused variable in sunrpc (Robert Love)
o Remove duplicate different BSD partition names (Andries Brouwer)
o PPC plural fix (Steven Cole)
o EISA driver class patches (Marc Zyngier)
o VIA Rhine updates (Roger Luethi)
o Further ppa scsi fix (John Kim)
o Kill unused __beep (Hugh Dickins)
o Merge visws support (Andrey Panin)
| Some collisions with pc9800 but should be ok
o Limits for upward growing stacks (Matthew Wilcox)
o ucLinux updates (Greg Ungerer)
o 68328 frame buffer updates (Greg Ungerer)
o Merge ucLinux H8300 support (Yoshinori Sato)
o Fix aironet compile (Ookhoi)
o Fix DMA mask on OSS trident driver (Ivan Kokshaysky)
o Kill some old 2.4 glue code in DRM (John Kim)
o Fix compile of old "hd.c" driver (Paul Gortmaker)
o Add experimental BOCHS virtualisation (Kevin Lawton)
o Clean up intermezzo driver (Adrian Bunk)
o Clean up rio use of compatmac (Adrian Bunk)
o Remove 2.0 ifdefs from ipchains code (Adrian Bunk)
o Remove old junk from efs (Adrian Bunk)
o Remove old 2.0/2.2 junk from media/video (Adrian Bunk)
o Remove unused variable in ali-ircc (Adrian Bunk)
o Remove 2.0 ifdefs from network drivers (Adrian Bunk)
o Clean up uglies in inia100 (Adrian Bunk)
o Clean up uglies in i91u scsi (Adrian Bunk)
o Clean up wan drivers 2.0/2.2 code (Adrian Bunk)
o Restore ontrack remap support (Jim Houston)
| I'd really like to see this get turned into device mapper..
o Forward port emu10k1 driver to 2.5 (Rui Souza)
o Fix boot on EPOX 4BEA-R and friends (Alexandar Achenbach)
o Switch alpha cia code to static inline (Matt Reppert)
o Fix pcmcia scsi compile breakages (Mike Anderson)
o EHCI workarounds (David Brownell)

Linux 2.5.60-ac1 (not published)
Includes Linus BK snapshot
Merge relevant pieces from old -ac (me)
| Dropped visws and stuff thats been redone
| also dropped out IRQ stacks (port is tricky!)
o Fix build of cciss driver (me)
o Fix build of 3036 tv tuner (me)
o Remove i2o_lan (me)
o Fix i2o_scsi (Randy Dunlap)
o Fix iph5526 scsi changes (not fixed DMA) (me)
o Make starfire compile (me)
o Make mca-legacy warn if used (me)
o Make sim710 build with EISA (me)
o Make ultrastor compile (me)
o Make aha152x/aha154x build (Randy Dunlap)
o Fix aha154x/mca bits (me)
o Fix fd_mcs build (me)
o Fix NCR53c406a.c (me)
o Fix sym53c416.c (me)
o Fix ibmmca compile (me)
o Fix ppa compile (me)
o Fix NCR539x compile (John Kim)
o Fix mca_53c9x compile (me)
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