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SubjectRe: [CHECKER] more potential deadlocks

> here are some more potential deadlocks. These results are just for:
> drivers/pci*
> drivers/usb*
> drivers/ide*
> drivers/scsi*
> net/*ipv[46]*/netfilter*
> ipc/*
> mm/*
> kernel/*
> net/*ipv4_*
> if there are any other directories that people are likely to inspect
> bugs from, let me know and I'll add them.

fs/ seems an obvious addition to me. Could you cc linux-fsdevel on
anything you find in there? Documentation/filesystems/Locking is not
too inaccurate and might help winnow the wheat from the chaff.

I think we'd benefit from the tty code being audited too --

> These deadlocks often involve locks accessed through pointers.
> Unfortunately, if the pointers can never point to the same object the
> error is a false positive.
> BTW, is there a locking ettiquette w.r.t. cli()? E.g., are you not
> supposed to acquire a spinlock if you have interrupts disabled (or
> vice versa)?

enabling/disabling interrupts is also a locking mechnism ;-) When
you access data from interrupt context, you need to disable interrupts
to avoid that race. So it's perfectly fine to do:


Also, are you modelling spin_lock_bh() yet? That has a similar
function to spin_lock_irq() except it only protects against
softirqs/tasklets/timers, not regular interrupts.

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