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SubjectDavicom ethernet driver dmfe.c : performance increasement
Hy Jeff,

I have done a lot of improvements on dmfe.c (starting from its newest 1.36.4
version, found into kernel 2.5.64).
My issue was to increase performances, what was already done between 1.36
and 1.36.4 version.

I have removed useless memcpy at Xmit and applyed the standard way (DMA from
skb, free skb at Xmit done).

I have also fixed a new bug which was not present at low rates ;o) Ethernet
queue was nos suspended by the proper way when Xmit pool become full.

You will find enclosed the resulting source file.
With it, I have reached the maximum rates on 100Mbit/s (close to 12 Mo/s)
with a PIII/700.

I hope the community will take benefits on it !

Best regards,
Philippe CORGIER
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